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“Nomads Collection”
Nomads is  a special Independent design store based in Britain where you can discover vibrant, unusual,  beautiful, distinctive products or objects. Special treasures created by Merchants and Artisans who care about quality and style that you would not normally find in mainstream shops in the UK & Europe.
We love powerful Ikat patterns, be it traditional multi coloured Eastern  woven cotton or East European silk style Ikats,  or our black and white contemporary designs, this passion for Ikat design will never change, it’s in our DNA.
We also have arriving in the Spring some very special patterns you may have only seen in coffee table magazines, we aim to make it affordable.

The name Nomads perfectly describes our exploring  lifestyle travelling around markets and bazaars from around the four main continents, searching for historic beauty and style.
The original founders behind Nomads are  designers with a background love  of tribal  style designs and Textiles with an eye for detail. Experienced creators of a wide range of brands and products over  the years ranging from clothing accessories to homeware. 

 The first New design was the Nomads Panthera Ikat on a 100% pure percale cotton printed in a bold monochrome black on white Ikat design, which is in stock now, then we added our new Altai Mountain collection of cushions and Throws.
We are also supplying some amazing 100% Natural Linen bedding duvet sets from Europe and the Scandinavian and Baltic states, with matching cushions and pure Wool  throws, plus some amazing high quality blankets  for your lounge or bedroom. This year 2019 we have arriving some lovely tribal rugs and kilims, sheepsking rugs,  for your floor or simply just to use as big wall hangings. We shall also shortly be announcing some amazing Tribal & Boho Jewellery plus lots of other accessories. 

So finally you can buy true tribal style patterns for your bedrooms and lounge that are  unique, lovely to sleep in, or display in your home and all are very well made.
[The Nomads range is currently available to order via the UK online store at Bohzaar, you are also welcome to email us with any trade enquiries or requests at info  (at) nomads.co.uk]